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Workflow Creation

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When someone asks you who did your website, your first thought shouldn't be, "it's complicated!"

As any non-profit organization director or small business owner will tell you, having an infinite amount of hats to wear on a daily basis- budgeting, bookkeeping, marketing, and actually doing your job- is a challenging life. You are doing everything from emails and meetings to networking and quick social media updates. While your calendar fills up, you get less and less time to keep up with an unresponsive web developer or designer. That lack of communication could ultimately result in website issues, lost rankings, less leads, and become an overall a problem for you and your business.

That’s where having the proper relationship with your developer comes in.  A developer who is invested in seeing your organization grow and prosper becomes a central asset to your organization.  Knowing that you can offload one central part of your daily tasks is a relief.